• Eligible for the Citizenship Program
  • Stable and democratic government
  • Dependent children under the age of 26 can be included
  • Dependent parents above the age of 58 can be included
  • Strong legal and regulatory framework
  • A beautiful location, a great quality of life
  • Easy access: direct flights from New York, Miami, London, Frankfurt, etc.
  • Travel mobility with an Antigua & Barbuda passport: visa-free entry to over 165 jurisdictions in the world, including Schengen Area, Singapore and UK
  • Possibility to apply for an online visa for Australia
  • Attractive tax regime; no capital gains or inheritance taxes

Investment in Tamarind Hills

  • Luxury complex of beachfront villas, ocean homes and high-end apartments located just 25 minutes from Antigua’s international airport and 15 minutes from the country’s capital, St. John’s
  • Full set of amenities such as tennis courts, dining facilities, pools, shopping area, spa and wellness club
  • Investment amount starts at min. USD 200,000 for co-ownership with another applicant OR min. USD 400,000 for full ownership
  • Must be maintained for at least 5 years
  • Investment coming with titled deed under the applicant’s name
  • Rental management and maintenance program available


  • The applicant must be aged 18 years or older
  • The applicant must not have a criminal record
  • The applicant must not be the subject of a criminal investigation
  • The applicant and family members must not be suffering from any contagious disease and be in good health

Process (7-9 months)

  • Complete reservation form and deposit
  • Complete all application forms, payment of legal and due diligence fees
  • Upon approval, pay balance of the investment, passport fees and other government fees
  • Investor then obtains the Certificate of Citizenship
  • The Applicant and adult dependents must visit Antigua & Barbuda 5 days within 5 years from acquiring the nationality in order to be eligible to renew the passport